Photo: Morland

The Village

Morland is an extremely old settlement - at least 1500 years, and possibly much longer. The reason for its existence may be the Powdonnet Spring below the church, which produces a large and constant flow of fresh water. The church is dedicated to St Laurence and may have been there since at least 664. The church tower is the only Saxon tower in the north-west of England and was built in c.1050. The village has changed in size several times over the centuries, but now is home to about 350 people in 190 houses.

A booklet is available which explains four attractive 3-4 mile walks starting in Morland.

Mill Yard Café

The attractive Mill Yard Café is just outside the front gate, in the centre of Morland village. It serves excellent breakfasts, coffees, lunches and teas every day except Tuesday, and homemade pizzas on Friday nights. It also has a private dining room which can be hired and seats up to 24.

The Crown Inn

The Crown Inn is our local pub, also just outside the front gate. It opens every evening except Monday, and serves meals at weekends.

The Community Shop

Morland's Community Shop opened in the Morland House stables, at the top of the drive, in January 2018. It can be visited from 10am to 3pm every day. They sell ordinary food supplies like milk and local eggs including huge double yokers, and also pies and meats from a local farm shop, and local beers and wines. There is a section for "pre-loved" clothing, one for warm knitted clothing, a reading area, and dozens of old photos of Morland for those interested in local history.

Greengill Holidays

If you are need more accommodation options, then Greengill Holidays offers a bunk barn sleeping up to 16 plus a campsite, both in Morland.

Photo: the church in Morland